Game Seven Recap...  Jill Bunzendahl Chimka

Before the actual recap...over the weekend I spoke to my parents, who live in Germany. Jeopardy has the same air dates there as it does here but only airs on the Armed Forces Network --- which my parents don't get at home. So my dad's idea for watching the game was to go the Base Exchange and turn on one of the TVs in the electronics department to watch me play. He managed to convince the clerk to put me on every TV in the store. When someone questioned his story he pulled out his ID card to show them the Bunzendahl name --- I'm glad I kept it for the show! He said at the end of the game he had a crowd of about twenty strangers watching and cheering my win!

Also, I am not a pregnant teenager - but got quite a kick out of some of the
messages on the message board!

OK --- Back to the recap....

After being very relieved about not having to play in the first game --- Opera? yikes! and that Final Jeopardy? no idea! --- My name was read along with Mark and Alan's for Game 2 of the Semi-finals. The categories looked decent (I have to say I was dismayed at the "Simple Simon" category, so hoping it would be Paul instead of Neil) and I actually got in the first response --- yea! Then I did what I dread most --- going into the red with my Versace/Armani screw-up, followed by a dreaded Daily Double! I have already stated that I hate the DD --- on this one I blanked on a completely obvious answer --- hello Epicurean! So going into the commercial break --- here I sit with a nice red score. I (jokingly?) asked Mark and Alan if they would let me get a few answers in after the break so I could at least get out of the hole!

Thank God for the Fashion Designers category which helped pull me out of the red. After Mark's "Wang" response for Stella McCartney-- - I was laughing hysterically partially from the response but mainly because of Mark's loud expletive after his response! I was so excited about the $1000 clue in that category --- because while I know nothing about French, I did wear a BCBG dress to my sister-in-law's wedding (an advantage I had over Alan and Mark, hopefully!)

I feel like the questions in this game were a lot more "gettable" for me than in my Quarterfinal game, but unfortunately knowing the answer is only part of the battle and trying to get to the buzzer before Alan and Mark was pretty tough. Overall I pulled out some pretty good answers and was generally pleased with my performance.

Our scores going into Final Jeopardy were quite similar to the scores from the first Semi-final game - so I was trying to use that experience to my benefit --- but so were Mark and Alan. I was so torn on what to wager --- I figured $0 was my best bet hoping that Mark and Alan would have to outwager each other and could possibly get FJ incorrect and I could have a backdoor win, but World Cities was a great FJ Jeopardy category for me. I stuck with zero and then was kicking myself after I saw the clue revealed --- I knew it was Sao Paulo immediately! Mark was standing next to me writing and scratching things out - I had no idea what he was doing.

I was glad when Alex revealed that my response was correct, but felt like a big chicken with my $0 bid ( my overall FJ record was 6/7 - with my only incorrect response being the "Sorry Cory no Jag"--- it's a good thing I got it right because I had used up all my clever responses!)

When Alan's incorrect response was revealed I was really kicking myself for my $0 wager because if I doubled I could have pulled ahead of him. I was actually quite relieved when Mark's correct response was revealed (Alan probably felt a bit differently!) because no matter what my wager --- I still couldn't have caught him and there ends my Jeopardy! run.