Game Eight Recap...  Trevor Norris

I'd watched both Eric and Travis blaze through their initial runs, and took no comfort in the fact that the informal consensus among ToC contestants placed Travis firmly at the top of the buzzer speed ratings. Eric had pulled some answers in his first round game that were really impressive, so I knew that there was not much chance of running into a triple stumper. He had a knack for ringing in with a correct answer at the last second before Alex discarded a question. Winning this game was going to be a tall order.

The questions that stick in my mind are the ones I missed (like the Manhattan Daily Double) and the one that caused a break in taping (Eric's heroic effort at the French pronunciation of Isle de la Cite) I *do* remember being pleasantly surprised by my luck with the buzzer. It seemed like I was getting in when I needed to. Oh, and the last question about Tyson Beckford. Who would ever have thought that watching "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!" would net someone $2,000 on Jeopardy?

By the end of Double Jeopardy, I had a lead. Not the insurmountable lead I so badly wanted, but at least something to work with. Then Alex revealed the Final Jeopardy category: World Geography. My heart sank. Not my strong point. I bit my lip and fought the urge to wager $0.

I won't insult anyone by trying to justify my answer of Hong Kong. I knew it
was wrong when I wrote it. I probably should have written a witty comment
instead, but nothing came to me. So, I went with the painfully obvious (and
incorrect) response. Pain. Agony. Despair.

In every respect, it was a fantastic experience. The Jeopardy production staff really run a great operation. First class individuals. I enjoyed meeting
everyone and look forward to continued correspondence with all the competitors.