Game Two Recap...  Max Levaren

In the green room, the great ToC romance began. While Maggie was reviewing what we'd talk to Alex about, Travis talked about the proposals he'd received as a 5-time champion, even one from his Mom's friend. Being the "mouth" that I am, I said that personally, I liked younger men. Travis, being the gentleman he is,said that if I asked, he'd accept. Later, his Mom asked me to propose if he went "all the way." I said I would regardless of how his game went. I asked, he said yes, so one of my ToC prizes was a fiance!

I was so glad I was called early (although I was beginning to enjoy "About a
Boy.) I was also glad that I had no idea of how powerful my competitors were. As much of a fog as my game was, I do remember that Mark and Trevor were amazing with the buzzer! However, Alex, without knowing it, made me feel better about being so slow. During one of the breaks, someone in the audience asked him how he'd do in the game, and he said that his reflexes weren't what they were. So I guess I did OK for an "old broad with a new tattoo!"